HYU: The People’s Love Indonesia Movement Was Founded Based on One Godhead

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Balikpapan (Jenderalnews.com) – The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia was founded and freed by the fighters of the Nation based on the Almighty Godhead or founded and freed in the name of the Almighty God as well as the People’s Love Indonesia Movement founded on the basis of the Supreme Lordship. Esa or founded in the name of God the Greatest, “HYU affirmed the close greeting of Hendrik Yance Udam Chairman of the National Leadership Council of the People Love Indonesia Movement (Dpn Gercin) National Figures from Papua Land at the inauguration of Dpd Gercin, East Kalimantan Province (Wednesday, November 25 2020) at one of the hotels in the city of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

HYU also explained that, “in the Republic of Indonesia there are many mass organizations or organizations scattered about four hundred thousand and more, but Gercin continues to come up with creative ideas to play national issues hindering the unity of the Indonesian people from Sabang to Indonesia. Merauke in maintaining the Pancasila Ideology in diversity.

Life is a mystery, we don’t know what will happen to our lives in the future, only God knows and God has also set our beautiful future in His miraculous plan, “explained HYU.

According to HYU, this sweet, black man from the Land of Papua said, “It’s different, the fish is different, the fish is different from the field, the chef is different, the cooking is different from the leader of the organization’s management. Likewise in the Gercin mass organization, I also have an innovative and creative strategy to lead this national and international standard organization as a big home for all nationalist Indonesian society.

“I really believe that Gercin was not built and shaped by human hands, but Gercin was built or shaped by the mighty and miraculous hand of God. And this organization will continue to move at high speed according to God’s miraculous way ”

HYU added that “Without me and all brothers and sisters, God will use other people to move the Gercin organization forward. This life is a process we are all experiencing a process – the process of life through every problem and challenge we face with the aim of maturing us as a trustworthy leader of the Nation. We all cannot be separated from natural selection, human selection and God’s selection in all things.

Our thoughts are the toughest battlefields in our lives, therefore we have to control our thoughts so that we have a good and clean heart to control the organization and become leaders going forward.

Gercin walks slowly but we won’t look back because we look at tomorrow with full hope because we know tomorrow is in the GREAT HAND OF GOD (arief)

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