Gercin Papua Distributes 500 Masks for Students and Lecturers at the Uncen Campus

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Jayapura  ( The Regional Leadership Council of the People Love Indonesia Movement (DPD Gercin) of Papua Province distributed 500 masks for free at the Cenderawasih Waena University campus, Thursday (10/12/2020) morning.

Dr Daniel Womsiwor as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Sport Sciences, Cenderawasih University, admitted that he was happy and gave his appreciation to the Gercin Organization who directly participated in distributing masks at the Uncen Campus.

“This is the first time an organization has entered the Uncen campus with a humanitarian action program to distribute masks to students and lecturers to maintain health conditions during the New normal Covid-19 era,” he admitted. He hopes that the Gercin organization will continue to fight for the rights of the community and also students in the fields of health, sports, education and people’s welfare.

Because these fields are the main needs of people in the land of Papua. “We hope that Gercin can fight for the needs of students through real actions that are carried out on this campus. Moreover, Uncen is a waiting school for the pride of the Papuan people from seven customary areas in Papua, “he hoped

He also hopes that the Indonesian government will pay attention to the General Chair person of the National Leadership Council for the Love Indonesia People Movement, Hendrik Yance Udam, who is a Papuan child, who has a spirit of nationalism, is willing to give time for humanitarian movements throughout Indonesia including in Papua.

On that occasion, Womsiwor did not forget to send a message to the Indonesian government through Gercin so that the state would allow Uncen to present a study program for the faculty of sports coaching, and a special sports hospital.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council (DPD Gercin) of  Papua Province, Budi Gatot Andre Ireuw, conveyed the reason for his party choosing the Uncen campus as a place to distribute masks, because so far no organization has entered the campus to provide social services to distribute masks to students.

“We have distributed 1000 masks in Papua, and today there are 500 masks distributed to students and lecturers at Uncen,” he said. Budi hopes that Uncen students and lecturers during their activities on campus should always apply health protocols by wearing masks, and keep their distance, to avoid the spread of Covid-19 on campus. (Arief)




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