HYU Appreciates United States President-Elect Joe Biden who has appointed General Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense.

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Jakarta (Jenderalnews.com) The general chairman of the National Leadership Council of the People Love Indonesia Movement (Dpn Gercin) Hendrik Yance Udam, who is always called HYU, was met in Jakarta on Friday (11 December 2020) said that, “I give appreciation to the Chosen American President Joe Biden, who has appointed General Lyoyd Austin the first black man as US defense minister, ”said HYU, a national figure from Papua.

Furthermore, HYU explained that, “The United States of America is the largest democratic country in the world, therefore Indonesia, which is also one of the democratic countries in the world, must also be able to adopt or observe the existing governmental management of the United States.” In bridging public officials or ministers in the existing government, the national leadership should not only be dominated by certain ethnic groups, “explained HYU.

HYU hopes that the new United States minister of defense can also collaborate well with the Indonesian government to create peace in the world including Indonesia, “HYU hoped.

As is well known, “President-elect of the US, Joe Biden, appointed retired military General Lloyd Austin, to be his defense minister. Austin has previously been assigned to oversee US troops in the Middle East under President Barack Obama.

Politico’s appointment was reported by Politico on Tuesday (8/12/2020) morning WIB, citing three sources with knowledge of Biden’s decision. That way, Austin will become the first black US defense secretary. Previously, other names such as Michelle Flournoy were also predicted to occupy the position. If that’s the case, Flournoy will also become the first female defense minister in Uncle Sam’s country.

Reuters reported that Austin previously headed the US Central Command under the Obama administration. The appointment of the retired four-star general as US defense minister could have drawn criticism from some progressive groups. This is because Lloyd holds important positions in a number of companies, including arms manufacturer Raytheon Technologies Corp. (Arief)

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