Health Care: Gercin Distributes Masks to the General Public and Road Users

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Jakarta ( Masks have become mandatory equipment that a person must wear when forced to travel outside the home. In accordance with the instructions of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, everyone is advised to wear a mask when traveling outside the home. Masks can still block some of the saliva that comes out when talking, sighing, or coughing and sneezing, therefore it is necessary to prevent and control the spread of Covid 19.

Chairman of the National Leadership Council of the People Loving Indonesia Movement (Dpn Gercin) Hendrik Yance Udam who is better known by the nickname HYU accompanied by Secretary General Teddy Surya and Dpn Gercin administrators including Titi Kusmawati Deputy Chairman, Evi Liana Tobing Deputy Secretary General, Tommy Arif, Pakhturi and Risdiana.

Right on Friday (11/12), starting from 13 o’clock to finish, several Dpn Gercin administrators participated in preventing the spread of Covid-19, by distributing 2,000 free masks to the general public, especially to existing road users. in the city of Jakarta At the same time conveying an appeal for health protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19 which continues to increase.

When contacted by the media, HYU, the General Chairperson of the National Leadership Council of the People Love Indonesia Movement, said that, “We are sharing masks to the general public and road users to create a concern to break the chain of Covid 19,” he said.

Deputy Chairperson of the National Leadership Council of the People Love Indonesia Movement Titi Kusumawati through her cell phone said that, “The distribution of free masks is a follow-up to Government Regulation (PP) and presidential instruction Number: 6 of 2020 concerning increased discipline, enforcement of health protocol laws, .

This activity is not only carried out in Jakarta but will later be carried out in other big cities by the Provincial Gercin Dpd and Regency Gercin Dpc throughout Indonesia, “he said (Arief)

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