Gercin is not a political party organization but a youth social organization that grows from grass roots

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Waisai Raja Ampat (JenderalNews.Com) – The People’s Love Indonesia Movement Organization (Gercin) is not a political party organization or a wing of a particular political party but Gercin is a youth social organization formed from the grassroots power of the Indonesian people, born and raised from the mother’s womb. nature.

In this organization it is also a gathering place for all components of the nation’s children from Sabang to Merauke, we are all united with the Pancasila ideology.

And also Gercin is not formed by certain political interests but Gercin is formed from the creative ideas of the nation’s children, the awareness and representation of the Indonesian young generation to protect and care for the Republic of Indonesia from being destroyed and against the spirit of radicalism, intolerance, hoax news, terrorism and saparatists in the Indonesian archipelago. firmly, “HYU is the nickname of Hendrik Yance Udam, Chairperson of the National Leadership Council of the Love Indonesia People Movement in his remarks at the 92nd Anniversary of the Youth Pledge in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province (Wednesday, October 28, 2020).

HYU explained that, “We will encourage the Gercin Organization to address strategic issues of strengthening the people’s economy and health as well as leaderships throughout Indonesia. “In an organization, if we talk about politics, the organization will dissolve, but if we talk about the issue of welfare, the organization will be strong and have more followers in the organization. “Therefore, in the near future Gercin will give birth to an organizational business entity, namely the cooperative which is engaged in MSMEs (Small Micro and Medium Enterprises) as a means of economic struggle for the welfare of members throughout Indonesia.

I will also register an MOU of cooperation with a housing developer company to provide low-cost type 30 housing for Gercin members and the general public. ” The main objective of this organization is to strengthen the unity and nationalism of the nation’s children from Sabang to Merauke and to guard the four basic consensus of the State, namely Pancasil, UUD 1945 Bhineka Tunggal IKA and NKRI which are the final form of our country, “explained HYU

HYU also hopes that all Gercin cadres throughout Indonesia will remain solid and not be influenced by provocative political issues that want to destroy the brotherhood and cohesiveness of the nation’s children who have been neatly built in the Gercin organization.

Avoid friction among the nation’s children because violence and hatred will never solve the nation’s very complex problems, but instead will cause new problems that are very complex and have a negative impact on the nation’s future development. “Gercin cadres must support all of President Jokowi’s government programs in accelerating the acceleration of national and regional development throughout Indonesia in order to build a better Indonesian nation than yesterday,” hoped HYU, a national figure from Papua while ending his welcome (Arief)

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