Lecturer at Cenderawasi University, Papua Province: President Jokowi Asked to Pay Attention to Gercin

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 Jayapura (Jenderalnews.com) – Mr. President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Joko Widodo, is expected to pay attention to the People’s Love Indonesia Movement led by HYU, the nickname of the Papuan National Figure Hendrik Yance Udam, “said the Chairman of the Indonesian Sports Faculty Science Expert Association (PAIFORI) who also a Permanent Lecturer and Sports Medicine Expert at Cenderawasih University Jayapura “Dr. Daniel Womsiwor, S.Pd., M.Fis., AIFO., AIFO-P who was met by the media (Wednesday, December 2, 2020) in Jayapura.

Furthermore, Womsiwor said that, “HYU is very phenomenal and different from many other Papuan youths. His movement as Chairman of the People’s Love Indonesia Movement was massive and structured throughout Indonesia.

“Currently the issue of an independent Papua is hot at home and abroad, but HYU still has a strong commitment and is at the forefront of campaigning for nationalism and peace throughout Indonesia through the People’s Love Indonesia Movement.”

“And this is a development and inspiration for the young generation of Papua today, that there are young leaders from Papua who are nationalists who can lead mass organizations at the national level. “

According to Womsiwor, young people like HYU should pay attention to the State, in this case Mr. President Jokowi, because the People’s Love Indonesia Movement is a movement that grows from the grassroots and continues to move with creative ideas in building the nation and state. “

I appreciate the various social activities carried out by Gercin which is led by HYU. Even though this Papuan youth figure is not very popular today, who would not have thought that the thoughts of Barak Obama, the former President of the United States, are finally needed to unite the White and Black Nation. in America at that time.

Womsiwor explained that in Indonesia we have known Surya Palo, a national figure from Aceh, the General Chairman of the Nasdem Party, but today in Papua there is HYU who is more active in listening to and fighting for the right to life of the Indonesian people from Papua to Aceh to build the nationalism of the younger generation of Indonesia.

HYU dares to tour the archipelago with the People’s Love Indonesia Movement Organization with idealism towards the Nation and the State as well as prayer and spirit of work. “

And in my opinion, it will be a big loss if this Nation Leader does not embrace HYU regarding the direction and policies of Indonesia in Papua Land. My prayer is that HYU’s energy and energy will only be for the oppressed Indonesian people. (Arief)

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